This tutorial is done for PSP 8 but will work in other versions as well.
Supplies Needed: Zipfile download HERE
It include a mask from,
and a flower photo by me.

1. Open a new transparent image 500x330, flood fill it with white.
2.Open the zuz_mask.jpg and the flower tube and minimize them.
3. New raster layer fill it with the color #0A782E.
4. Layers - New mask layer - from image like this...

5. Layer merge group. Effects - Drop Shadow : Vertical and Horizontal 1 Opacity 70 Blur 1.00 color #000000 - Layer merge all.
6. Use your magic wand with these settings and click on all the rectangles like below.

8. Open the flower tube. Edit copy - edit past into the selection.
Select none.

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