This tutorial is written for PSP 7 but will work in other versions as well.
Supplies Needed: HERE

1. Open up my flower tube.
2. Open a new image with the background color white 430x430
( You can crop when you are finish.)
3. On the flower tube - Edit copy - Edit past an new layer on the white image..
4. Effects, Geometric Effeckts, Twirl with these settings.

5. Add Drop Shadow with these settings color #404040.

6. Back to the flower tube. Resize the tube to 70%. Like this

Edit copy, Edit past as a new layer on your working image.
7. Same Drop Shadow as before v1-H3 58 3,7 #404040
8. Move the flower tube down and to the left like I did.
9.Layer dublicate, image resize to 70%. Don't forget to unmark Resize all layers.
10. Move the dublicated layer to the left and up a bit.
11. Layer merge all.
12. Add your name or other text Font MC Blossoms color #B825BA
and you are done.

That's it!
If you have any questions feel free to email me at


Tube from my own photo.

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