This tutorial is done for PSP 8 but will work in other versions as well.
Supplies Needed: Zipfile download HERE

1. New Image 390 x 309 pixels. Flood fill with white #FFFFFF
2. Open up the bird.psp tube or bird.pspimage tube.
3. Edit copy - Edit past as a new layer on the white image.
4.Effects - 3D Effects - Drop Shadow whit these settings.
Vertical 4 - Horizontal 15 - Opacity 55 - Blur 5,9 color #202020.
5. Layer - New Raster Layer.
Add your name. I use the color #F1C44F to the foreground
and #273A50 to the background and the font Zinco.
6. Layer merge all. This is what we have so far.

7. Use your tool Freehand Selection with these settings like below.
Mark around the parts of the image you want to animate.

Something like this...

8. Now make two copies of the image. Image duplicate (shift+d) two times,
so you have three all together.
9.On you first image...Adjust - Add/Remove Noise - Add Noise
with the settings Monochrome Random Noice 25%.
The second image Random Noice 30% and the third Random Noise 35%.
Select none all images.

10. Then the first image - Edit Copy - Open up Animation Shop. Edit Past as a new animation.
The second image - Edit Copy - Edit Past After Current.
The third image - Edit Copy - Edit Past After Current.
11. Save the animated image like this...
File - Optimization Wizard
"Animated GIF File" and "Replace the current animation with the optimized version" is marked.

Next, Next, Next - Files_ Save As it.

That's it!

If you have any questions feel free to email me at


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Birgitta Broström COPYRIGHT 2002-2009